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Jason Kulpa’s Top 5 Reasons to Advance Your Education

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There is no getting around the fact that getting a good education is an expensive endeavor.  And because the economy is still lagging somewhat, many are seeing a large number of college graduates entering the workforce either as bartenders or wait staff, and that’s if they can obtain employment at all. These scenarios leave some people to wonder whether the pursuit of higher education is worth the time, money, and effort in the first place.  To address these questions, consider these recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree earn an average of 30% more than those with only a high school diploma.  And those who hold a master’s degree can expect to receive roughly 48% more.  Based on these vital statistics, the conclusion can be made that earning a college degree is still well worth the effort.  

Jason Kulpa, San Diego CEO, tech innovator, and philanthropist owes much of his success as the founder of, the innovative marketing platform and service provider that has been rated as an Inc. Fastest Growing Company., to his post-secondary education which he received at W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.  In recent years, Mr. Kulpa has dedicated his time and resources to philanthropic opportunities such as the Jason Wife Kulpa Scholarship to enable others to pursue higher education.  Below, Mr. Kulpa discusses other vital reasons to further your education:

  • Education makes you more valuable.  If you are one of the lucky ones that are currently employed then advancing your education will make you even more of an asset to your company.  Yes, there is a price tag associated with higher degrees.  But instead of thinking of education as a considerable expense, think of it more in terms of an investment that will help ensure longevity in your chosen field. Seek out grants and scholarships like the Jason Kulpa Wife Scholarship to ease the financial burden.
  • An education can expand your world.  Suppose your current career is stagnating.  Have you considered the fact that you might have to stay employed in a position that you hate for the rest of your working years?  Going back to school can give you a new lease on your professional life.  It can lead you down the path that you always wanted to go on instead of the way that you felt that you had to take.
  • Education will improve your image.  In today’s marketplace, self-image is essential.  The more letters you have trailing behind your name, the better chance you have of getting a desirable position at a salary that you deserve.
  • Education can get you in the loop.  Having a network of contacts in your chosen field is also an essential part of getting the job that you ultimately want.  Going back to school is a great way to connect with other students, professors, and others who have real-world connections in your field of interest.
  • Higher education is proof of work ethic.  Having a degree – especially a master’s or higher – is proof positive that you are willing to go the extra mile to excel in your field.  

Although going back to school is a big decision that entails more than one kind of investment, statistics say that furthering your education is a worthy endeavor.  There are long-term monetary advantages, but as noted above, there are other reasons to advance your education as well.

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